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Simply put, Mighty Joe is a musical powerhouse.  With strong vocals, simple melodies, precise musicianship, & powerful lyrics, Mighty Joe is a singer who addresses issues (whether serious or comical) from his own point of view yet has the rare gift of speaking for others at the same time.  A former high school teacher, Joe crossed over to full-time music in 1999.  Since then, he has averaged 250 gigs per year.    

His performances always promise spontaneity & audience response (see Photos page).  While performing mostly as a solo act (accompanied by acoustic guitar & harmonica), you may also find MJ performing with a back up band, as in his most recent CD releases balance, Songs for Cash Vol. 1, & No Kids in the Beer Garden (see Discography page).  Calling the Chicago area home, Joe performs locally, throughout the midwest, & overseas as well (see Calendar page).

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This is a memorial page for Joseph Beatty, the man -- the legend -- known as "Mighty Joe". Rest in peace, buddy.





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