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Joe's First Commercial ?                                                                                   MJ was featured in an Industrial Film for Advocate Healthcare shot during the first week of February. Many thanks to Diane of Baker & Rowley Talent Agency.


Brand New Press Coverage                                                                                On January 21st, the Forest Park Review featured an article on MJ on page 2 of it's weekly release, a well-written piece by John Rice.


The Mighty Joe Band                                                                                          MJ's new lineup includes Jim Landeck on drums, Cliff Killion on bass, & once in a while Tim 'T-Bone' Wrobel on harp and/or Eric Chase on keys. Please look for upcoming band gigs featuring original material from Joe's many CD releases.


New CD is Here!                                                                                          Mighty Joe's new CD 'No Kids in the Beer Garden' is available for purchase. 'No Kids' is a collection of live tracks & barroom songs and is for Adults Only. We also have 'No Kids' T-Shirts available at live shows. CDs can be purchased at shows & on this website (see Discography page). 


ASCAP                                                                                                                                                  In May, MJ acquired a 'writer membership' to add to his 'publisher membership' with ASCAP. Let the royalties begin!

Summer 2008

New Studio/ New Producer                                                                                                           MJ has been working on a number of projects at Shantyville Studio in Homewood, IL. The upcoming 'No Kids' CD was recorded there, as was a voiceover/jingle demo, & also an upcoming 2009 release produced by Nick Eipers has begun.


Awards & Press Clips

Irish American News - 2008
Pioneer Press - 2007
Lombardian/Villa Park Review - 2006
Metro Commuter - 2006
Toys for Tots - 2004
Suburban Night Life - 2001
Suburban Night Life - 2000
Suburban Night Life - 1999



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