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Nick the Plumber in action @ O'Sullivan's with birthday girl Debbie Frances & Neil @ Doc Ryan's (photo by Michele Johnson) Songs to 'make out to' @The Hideaway The Northside "Jo-Ettes" at the Atlantic Pub


...more "Jo-Ettes" @ Paddy Macs Jen & galpals @ Brazenhead It's a T-Bone party !!     w/Terry Armour from WCKG @ JT's Porch


Oh Wardo, where have you gone?         Bass player & Showman Bobby W. @ Circle Inn LF & Tony (nice T-Shirts!) MJ Band - Cliff, Jim, MJ, & Erk (photo by Michelle Johnson)


The Klines @ Cheeseburger in Paradise MJ Band - CAAEL 2008 (photo by Michelle Johnson) w/ classmates Lisa 1 & Lisa 2 Gig poster by Tom Keys (photo by Jake)


MJ promo by Mick Ramone Nice hat ! w/ hot moms Jenise & Laura w/ Thea @ the Circle Inn